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Your current reality:

3% buys

Your current reality:

97% needs to be convinced

Your current reality:

3% buys

Your current reality:

97% needs to be convinced


Your business is bleeding customers. It’s time to do something about it

As business owners, one thing we can all agree on is that things change.

New technologies, new competitors, new market needs – all of these are a threat to the health of your business.

In fact, it’s a proven fact that businesses that fail to innovate will eventually, inevitably, fail.

Just think about it – all that hard work, just… gone.

 Unless you learn to change with the times.

Businesses that have learned to take advantage of the evolving marketing landscape – companies like, and more – have 4x’d their revenue and seen double-figure, year-on-year expansion.

Imagine what your business would look like with that kind of growth:

  • You could solidify your position as a market leader.

  • You could scale your business from regional to international levels.

  • You could finally give your team the pay rises they deserve.

But you can’t do any of that if your existing sales funnels are still stuck in the ‘old way’ of selling products.

It’s time for change.And you already know you need to be part of it.


Why your marketing tactics are losing 97% of your sales opportunities

Most marketing agencies have a very traditional approach to marketing your product or service:

They design some ads.
They make you pay for expensive TV, billboard or radio slots.
They cross their fingers and hope you see an increase in sales.

For us here at Moo Marketing, that’s simply not good enough.

It’s only the very tip of the iceberg of what you need to do to dramatically boost your revenue.

The top 20%…

We take you much deeper and help you unlock the hidden 97% of your marketing potential.

  • First, we create high-value content that brings high-paying customers to you. We’re not just about interrupting their day; we attract clients with the ‘insider knowledge’ that only you can provide.

  • Next, we open up a two-way conversation with your customer that positions you as an authority. Through this process, you’ll learn what makes them tick and what drives them to pay for a product or service.

  • Once we’ve built up a whole lot of trust, we hit them with an irresistible offer that gives them everything they ever needed from your industry. And we’ll deliver it using the tried-and-tested direct-response conversion formulas of the world’s best marketers. They’ll have no choice but to buy!

Now they’ve bought your product, our job is over, right?


We’ll show you how you can leverage the knowledge and data you’ve gathered to generate repeat sales with customers who already love your brand. That’s how you truly unlock your marketing potential and release that hidden 80% of revenue. And we’re still not done. Once we’ve got the process working for you, we’ll re-examine it using scientific methodology to optimise and improve your returns. Your campaigns get better and better the longer you run them.
  • And we won’t stop until you’ve got more sales than you can handle...

We made our latest client $20,000 in just one week by marketing products online

Here at Moo Marketing, we’re not here to give you advice.

We’re here to prescribe the cure.

You see, we’re specialists in helping companies go from outdated selling systems to the new-wave, digital marketing approaches taken by Africa’s up-and-coming brands.

Our team has grown multiple businesses from zero to seven figures using these exact methods.

Now we’re bringing the key formulas to companies just like you.

And our clients are already making massive gains for their business.

We take you much deeper and help you unlock the hidden 97% of your marketing potential.

  • Massively reduce expenses by cutting out the middleman

  • Free the hidden cash reserves locked up in your business

  • Create lasting sales pipelines that generate revenue for years

  • Eliminate borders for growth into new markets that you had never considered before…

  • Enter huge new markets at home and abroad

  • Create high quality marketing results with low investment

This is great news for you. But it comes with a warning.

The good news is that we know that this new type of marketing works, no matter your offering, business size, industry or region.

But your competitors are sure to catch on sooner or later.

Get the jump on them now and make sure you are the ones celebrating at the end of the financial year.


Download our blueprint on digital marketing success

Why traditional marketing methods are killing your business

The model for selling has remained the same for hundreds of years:

  • You pay to build your storefront

  • You pay an agency to build your ads

  • You pay a network to distribute them

  • You pay a sales team to talk to customers

  • You pay to deliver the product to them

  • You pay to chase up outstanding payments

Almost every step in the process eats into your profit margins – that’s money you can’t invest in new opportunities or spend on your team.

What’s more, the traditional channels we use to meet these needs are getting less and less relevant by the day, as customers turn their attention to the digital world.


Make more and get paid right away using digital marketing models

Here at Moo Marketing, we help businesses cut out the middlemen and take their products and services directly to the consumer.

Just like Amazon, you’ll be in total control of when, where and with whom you do business.

You will:

  • Cut out the massive costs of traditional channels

  • Market your products 24-hours a day, every day

  • Discover who your highest paying customers are and how to reach them

  • Build digital revenue streams that last forever

  • Collect hugely valuable customer data and insight

  • Take advantage of new cross-selling and upselling opportunities

  • Maintain a base of loyal customers that keep coming back for more

Best of all, you’ll have evolved to a new level of business, breaking out of your local market to compete with the global players.

Digital selling means trackable, redeemable returns on your marketing investment.

See how we do it with our in-depth blueprint. You’ll learn the detailed conversion formulas and tactics we used to help our latest client make $20,000 dollars in just one week.


Take a sneak peak at how it all works…

Most marketing agencies fail because they think inside the box, trying to grab attention without building a real relationship with the customer. Here at Moo Marketing, we’re focused on the future. Going far beyond a traditional agency, we help you to rethink your approach to attract the highest-paying clients. Only then do we provide you with the killer marketing tools and formulas you need to break through to the next level.

The journey looks a little something like this:

  • Laser-focussed avatar targeting

    We do the research to uncover the one key customer that’s going to drive massive revenue for your business. After we’re done, you’ll know who your best customers are, where they spend their time, how we can reach them and the exact triggers that send them into a buying frenzy.

  • Your key ‘get to market’ roadmap

    Everything we do at Moo is designed to help you cut out unnecessary costs by creating new, direct revenue streams. We’ll help you craft an irresistible value offer around your existing products that’s an absolute no-brainer for high-paying customers, putting you at the premium end of the market.

  • Promises delivered

    With our roadmap in place, it’s time to start the stampede. We build and publish your top-tier marketing campaigns based around tried and tested direct-response marketing approaches. We use only high-value content strategies that have been proven to work in every country in the world.

  • Never-ending optimization

    Testing and optimization are written into your campaign’s DNA from the get-go. Once we’re getting you serious results, we’ll start looking for new ways to capitalize on the data you’ve captured. That might mean anything from split-testing your web page to building an additional buying cycle.

Best of all, you’ll have evolved to a new level of business, breaking out of your local market to compete with the global players.

Digital selling means trackable, redeemable returns on your marketing investment.

See how we do it with our in-depth blueprint. You’ll learn the detailed conversion formulas and tactics we used to help our latest client make $20,000 dollars in just one week.


What clients says

Digital selling means trackable, redeemable returns on your marketing investment.

  • hey, we have a gift for you 🙂 .


Our latest case studies

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case study

Education case study

Our client is a supplier of high-end professional development courses. One of their key offerings – their Personal Career Development courses – was under performing in the market for a number of years. They approached Moo for help.


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You’ll learn:

  • How we earned $20,000 for our latest client in just ONE WEEK

  • The steps you need to take to do the same

  • The key to unlocking your true growth potential

  • The advanced marketing technologies we use to get results

Get it now before we take it offline!

Bringing the secrets of the world’s best businesses to African focused management teams.

The team at Moo Marketing have been in the growth game for over fifteen years, building multiple million-dollar businesses from scratch across Europe and the US.

That means we’ve got the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve baked all this insider knowledge into your get-to-market solution, with:

  • The latest marketing approaches that have been proven to work no matter your country, region or language.

  • Total transparency on your investment returns. You’ll know exactly how much you’re making on your marketing spend.

  • The most advanced marketing technologies that have transformed economies in Europe and the US.

  • Cross-industry approaches that work no matter your product or service. Digital marketing can sell in every conceivable niche.


There’s a reason Moo can permanently transform our clients’ businesses.

It’s what makes us different from all the other marketing agencies out there:

We’re not actually all that interested in marketing.

Not the kind of thing you usually hear from an agency, right?

What we are REALLY interested in is creating new revenue streams for your business.

hat means we spend the time and energy to understand your strengths and weaknesses; your cash flow challenges and your biggest opportunities.

Only then do we set about building a bespoke marketing approach to reach your ideal buyer.

We merge this holistic view of your business with the ‘new wave’ of marketing approaches that have been proven to work in some of the world’s most advanced and challenging economies.

That’s why we can get such dramatic, lasting results for our clients.

Every campaign we build is an evergreen, cash-generating asset that will constantly bring sales into your business.

With an asset like that on board, you can toss out those old partnerships that are draining so much of your profits.

Welcome to Moo Marketing 🙂


You can join the herd, or you can lead it. The choice is yours.

Don’t miss out! This is your last chance to discover how we made our client $20,000 in just one week.

Download the blueprint today and open the curtain on a new era for your business.


Here is your opportunity!

See how we do it with our in-depth blueprint.


Meet us virtually on a video call or we have offices in the London, United Kingdom, Delaware, USA, and Nairobi, Kenya. Feel free to contact us here.

However on that note, it actually doesn’t matter where we are, what matters is, where your potential customers are because we can target them and attract them to your business wherever THEY are.

This flexibility allows us to help companies all over the world in many different sectors.

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